REM art BOOK from S・TOMO

REM art BOOK NO.14 
May 2021

While I was reading, I'm in a rush to read it through because I want to know how it ends.
I realize that I'm not enjoying reading.
Lately I've realized I'm in a rush to everything.
Perhaps It's because of my age.

If you say, "I don't want to waste my time for that because I don't have much time left,"
when answering a topic someone brings up, you are about to reach the stage.

I marvel at the color scheme and balance of the 20-centimeter-tall stem, a yellow flower, and leaves below the flower at the edge of the flowerpot.
I wonder when I mastered the sense that this is nice. That's where I must return to.

When I see the news about COVID-19 pandemic' people's reactions are exactly as expected.

What I'm expecting now will be like that sooner or later.
Later, unless you forget what you just wished for,
your wish will come true.