Katsuya Taira Photographer

Currenty reside in Nishinomiya,Hyougo
Work as a photographer for architecture

1962 Born in Okayama, Japan
In my junior high school days Play baseball day in and day out
In my high school days Study at Okayama Prefectural Tsuyama Technical High School Architectural Course

Belong to the Rugby Club
Play in The National High School Rugby Tournamant

In my 20s Start learning photography by myself
1996 Private exhibition,"8.6HIROSHIMA" in PonteNossa Berugamo in Itary.
1997 Opened Studio REM
Private exhibition, "Silent Light" in Nishinomiya
2002 Received an honorable mention in New Cosmos of Photography by Canon
2006 Participated in Koji Onaka Workshop
2008 Private exhibition, Red Warehouse in Nishinomiya
In a series of ."Building Scenery"
2009 Received the invitation to PERFO MEDIA 2009 in Bergamo, Itary 
Exhibited the photo book, BURABURA-6 at Art Book Exhibition
2011 Private Exhibition "Building Scenery"A Wall with Exposed Concrete Finish in Tsukuno at Okayama Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery
2012 Submitted a series of photos to Beyond the Landscape: Contemporary Art OKAYAMA 2012 Exhibition

Private Exhibition, "A Nearby Path on the Hill" in Osaka
Currently  Working as an architectural photographer